IBM machine engineering
Increasingly thermoplastics are being processed into hollow bodied containers (e. g. PET) at higher temperatures. Therefore Ganahl AG has adapted its injection moulding process and developed a unique process to meet these requirements.
Even sprues with very small diameters can be successfully conditioned. The manufacturing process is ideal for very slim containers – e. g. slim PET bottles.
IBM toolmaking
We are the leading experts in high quality precision IBM tool making including flexibility and speed.

Engineering & Development
Short-term responsiveness
Based on customer article drawing or given imagination from the client
Products will be developed and designed by means of the latest 3-D CAD technology

Mould Manufacturing
Over 30 years of experience in Injection Blow Moulding
Over 600 Moulds have already been manufactured
High precision and quality with modern machinery
Durable moulds (over 10 mio. cycles) due to the use of high quality materials
Lead time of moulds "ready for sampling" is 6 to 10 weeks from the order, depending on size, complexity and load

Sampling Laboratory
All moulds are reviewed and sampled prior to delivery
industrial bottle production
Our production runs on 30 IBM machines around the clock
160 tools can be flexibly used on our 30 machines, this allows a high degree of adapt-ability in the machine scheduling
Clearly defined missing parts tracking by cavity separation for all productions
A systematic, intensive and preventive maintenance of all IBM tools secures constant quality of the parts we manufacture
Our machines in combination with our moulds guarantee high quality bottles for the following markets:
Chemical/ Technical
Perfection in Plastics